Updated: Aug 3, 2020

#coronamovie goes viral !

Mostafa Keshvari (Writer, Director and Producer) appeared on Global News tackling

Xenophobia amid the Coronavirus outbreak in his latest feature film "Corona".

“The Virus itself doesn't discriminate, so why should we ?”

It's important to note that the production began before the Coronavirus or COVID-19 became a global pandemic. At the time the Coronavirus was still known as a "Wuhan Virus" and many Asians faced discrimination (and still do). No one anticipated that the virus would spread so fast. Now, we are all in this together, regardless of our colour. We all must stand together as one race to defeat it. Fear is the virus, Hope is the cure!

#Coronamovie on THE GUARDIAN :
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#Coronamovie on HOLLYWOOD REPORTER :
#Coronamovie on THE TIMES :
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#Coronamovie on TIMES OF INDIA :
#Coronamovie on YAHOO :
#Coronamovie on CBC :
#Coronamovie on Global Times (China) :
#Coronamovie on Asahi (Japan)
#Coronamovie on SCREEN CRUSH :
#Coronamovie on DAILYHIVE

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